The problem was a unique one, and it needed a unique solution. Yellowstone found a way to solve it by creating The Inheritance Pass, a ticket to Yellowstone that isn’t valid until the year 2172. It’s a way to raise money right now without raising attendance. And it comes in the form of an heirloom that people can leave as an actual inheritance for future family members. 

Why 2172? Because that’s 150 years from now, so it was a nod to the 150th Anniversary that Yellowstone is celebrating in 2022.


SIGNS, the first smart voice assistant solution for people with hearing loss worldwide. SIGNS is a smart tool, that recognises and translates sign language in real-time and then communicates directly with a selected voice assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana). In a world driven by voice commands for turning on lights, playing music or asking for the latest weather update, SIGNS brings inclusion to the digital age as around 466 million people worldwide are affected by hearing loss.


Ceramic containers were placed in beehives before being filled with honey. Diligent Bees then built their honeycombs directly onto the packaging and the three-dimensional Darbo logo. This resulted in individual packaging with a personalized Honigstock design. And the design bees  won a bunch of pr and awards.


“10 Meters Apart,” promoting understanding between Christians and Muslims in a war-torn nation. Cannes only awards a select number of  Titanium’s each year for ideas that are truly ground-breaking. This idea continued winning lions in various channels the following years.


BMW has found a great issue to solve with “The Animal Detecting Billboards”. The billboards were temporally installed on roadways at dangerous wildlife crossing areas in the spring, which is the most likely time for road kill accidents to happen. Combining LED Billboards, BMW Night Vision technology and the data generated from prior road kill accidents made it possible to run an outdoor campaign which let drivers experience the benefits of BMW’s safety system right there where it was most relevant while driving on the road at the most dangerous time. 


German Car manufacturer always oriented toward market democratization. Making cars for everyone. In Opel, they think for the people and make cars for people instead of for showing off. Opel born in Germany, made for us all.


Miss America say goodbye to its most controversial symbol — the bikini. 


Finding a powerful insight is not an easy task. We found it within an interview with one victim of human trafficking. The only places where these women can be alone during their transportation, are the gas station toilets


This PR campaign was created during the  most critical times for freedom of speech in Macedonia. However, it is not a social awareness campaign but a pr for a tv station that wanted to show it is ready to face the pressure of both political parties. It is probably the cheapest campaign ever ,  having in mind that the main hero was a second hand red telephone bought on a flee market.


Yes it is an  apple but a fruit not a computer. How to sell fruits in the sticker business? We decided to focus on its origin and wrote a manifesto that would differentiate this apple from the rest on the market.  A strategy “daughter of the alps” was the message that each sticker now carries.


The Caffè Hausbrandt logo, “Moka” the coffee maker pot, first came about in the 1960s. “Moka” was born out of the creative genius of Luciano Biban, a Venice native, whose ability to combine advertising and art made him an exceptional representative of Fiulian graphics. In order to reinforce the power of the logo, we created an espresso machine in its likeness.


Skopje holds its famous Jazz festival as one of the jewels of culture events of the last 30 years. A massive earthquake in the 60s destroyed the city. Skopje was rebuilt out of concrete blocks. We found a graphic that combines both the city concrete and the music.


Global conflicts are tearing apart countries and destroying millions of lives. Amongst those suffering are thousands of Syrian and Rohingya families, torn apart by war and driven away from the safety of their homes. During Ramadan, a time for giving and togetherness, our message to the world was simple- ‘We are all human. We can understand each other’s pain. So, let’s stand together #HandInHand and leave no refugee behind’.


This event for Nike RC is the only one ever made with military tanks. At the Belgrade marathon we organized army tanks to follow the runners and asked few of the refugees from the local camps to join the race as a way of showing the world what they are running from. A run for freedom.


Stina is a quality red wine made from the locally indigenous Plavac Mali grape. “Stina” is a local word that means stone – or, more precisely, the high quality white limestone blocks that are quarried on Brač and exported around the world to be turned into great works of sculpture and architecture


Tests that use animals delay the development of new, effective treatments for humans. These experiments do little more than terrify and hurt feeling, conscious beings who—just like you and me—want to live a life free from torment and pain



XXXLUTZ is the second largest furniture store in the world after Ikea. 

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